Supplemental staffing

We provide qualified healthcare professionals who are willing to take up tasks assigned to them. Over the years, we have worked very hard to develop lasting relationships with our amazing healthcare workers. We strive to provide our clients with the best talents in the healthcare industry.

Temporary staffing solution

Respite: We will assist you to reduce caregivers burnout, by providing you one of our professional nursing staffs.

Companion: Our healthcare professional duties includes staying with client for a specific period of time, traveling with client to functions and assist clients with care as needed.

Additional services

We provide safeguard services by escorting clients to their medical appointments.

We work as a unified team within our nursing staff agency, and our recruiting experts remain dedicated to finding the perfect staffing solutions by proactively seeking the right candidate for each client.

Click here to explore our Group Care Program for youth and adult program.

CPR-Basic Life Support (BLS-HCP Level C) class is also available for groups

and individual.
Corporate and student discount is also available for BLS course.